Green roofs on buildings are roofs that are completely covered with vegetation. In the event of a leak in its sealing system, it's technically very difficult or in some cases even impossible to locate and repair the leakage. For that reason we developed a Sensor DDS® system which is permanently integrated into the roof design.

Solution for flat roofs – SENSOR DDS® technology

The most used and effective way of testing the liner integrity on green roofs is to use SENSOR DDS® technology. The technology is based on the distribution of an electric signal below and above the liner. Sensor has developed a Smart Leak Detection Textile which is installed below the PVC, TPO, Bituminous or other non-conductive geomembrane. It is a direct replacement of standard geotextile so no additional installation is needed.

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Sensor Smart Geotextile is installed as standard geotextile with a minimum overlap of 100mm.

After installation of the roofing membrane integrity can be tested using a SENSOR DDS® MIT portable Arc Testing device, which eliminates every pinhole .

As a next step a drainage gravel layer is careful installed on top of the tested roof liner. Final test of roof membrane integrity is completed by installing our SENSOR DDS® RFM testing kit which during setup identifies small holes caused by stone placement or other following trades.

Green roof 2

The SENSOR DDS® RFM system provides permanent 24/7 monitoring of the roof waterproofing membrane. This sophisticated system is a signature Sensor product and can provide whole roof or using our patented sensor and system it can also provide sectorized alerts where the area is divided up into discrete sectors. Real time leak monitoring via a local control panel inside the building, or via remote access can really protect sensitive document storage sites, banks, air traffic control and data centers.

In event of a leak, the system automatically triggers a leakage alarm and informs the client via SCADA / SMS text message / email.

Green roof 3

Examples of detected damage on green roofs using SENSOR DDS® technology.

SENSOR DDS® leak detection & location systems can be applied on any green roof.

Customisable patented system for green roofs that offers desired flexibility in leak location resolution.

One SENSOR DDS® control panel can monitor multiple green roofs.

Permanent or one-time waterproofing test for leaks on green roofs.