Hazardous Waste Landfill - ZERO LEAK LINER®

A Hazardous Waste Landfill is a landfill that contains waste posing substantial risk to the public and the environment. The focus for these landfill sites should be the easily achievable aim of a Zero Leak Liner® on leak free sealing layer should be absolutely mandatory.

Sensor offers the ability to create and maintain a Zero Leak Liner® state though the setting up and running of a permanent online system married to the geomembrane and monitored 24/7.

Client's and regulators wrongly assume that there is no point knowing that a landfill is leaking because "when the waste is in place it will too difficult to repair anyway", this argument is flawed for the following reasons:

  • This is only partly true, this country now has many landfill sites with leakage way beyond acceptable limits
  • Some landfills are now being completely exhumed and relocated at eye watering cost (why when the liner is good for 200 years?)
  • If your landfill is leaking its better that you need only exhume the area that's leaking not the whole thing
  • True zero leakage with the Sensor DDS® Zero Leak Liner® approach is only possible when a monitoring system is installed too
  • When damaged liner is left because at 'birth' its leakage rate is acceptable, those abandoned holes provide the key with upon which oxidization acts these holes grow as the exposed edge oxidizes at a faster rate than the rest of the liner
  • Achieving a Zero Leak Liner® state means an exhumation of waste will be a lot longer down the line
  • Buried DDS sensors and DDS cables are designed to last the same duration as the liner itself
  • All Sensor DDS® systems completed in the 1980s are still operational today none have required exhumation
  • The only monitoring system with living proof of more than 30 years operation in hazardous landfill conditions

SENSOR DDS® FIXED systems are highly suited to hazardous landfill applications they allow the client to monitor the integrity of the geomembrane liner sealing layer for a minimum of 30 years with a design life of 200 years (guaranteed by BAM certification of SENSOR DKS®).


General project info:

  • Toxic waste landfill
  • Area of 114,000sqft
  • SENSOR DDS® RMS 24/7 monitoring installed
  • Sensor grid 16x16ft
  • 450 DDS sensors and 22 miles of DDS cable
  • Single geomembrane HDPE 100mil smooth

Landfill design cross section (from bottom to top):

  • Compacted clay 20inch
  • SENSOR DDS® FIXED components 16x16ft
  • Geomembrane
  • Protective geotextile 35oz
  • Drainage layer – gravel 2ft
  • Hazardous waste

We applied our Zero Leak Liner® process at this site which means that apart from the permanent leak monitoring system whole landfill construction process was controlled by the use of the full suite of Sensor DDS® technologies, consisting of:

  • SENSOR DDS® MIT – survey straight after geomembrane installation to locate any pinholes made during installation or transport of geomembrane
  • SENSOR DDS® DIPOLE – dipole survey after installation of drainage layer to locate any damage caused by the movement and placing of gravel onto the geomembrane
  • SENSOR DDS® FIXED – buried DDS sensors and DDS cables installation in a gridded pattern at 16x16ft
  • SENSOR DDS® RMS – geomembrane integrity control using installed permanent online system via the Sensor Cloud

SENSOR DDS® RMS installed on site has following features:

  • Online remote connectivity
  • 24/7 geomembrane monitoring
  • Live alerts by SMS/Email
  • Full access via Sensor Cloud
  • Rapid resolution of leaks
  • Security camera
  • Weather station
  • 10″ full HD touch display
  • 12 months events list
  • Battery back-up for 3 days

The SENSOR DDS® RMS online monitoring system was installed in 2014. System installation was divided into two stages. First stage consisted of buried components installation. There was 450 sensors in total installed in layout 16x16ft below geomembrane. Each sensor is connected to monitoring station in a single length of cable with no crimps or connections between.

The second phase consisted of monitoring panel installation and calibration process of the whole system. Control panel runs on 110V power but is equipped with enough batteries to run 3 days in a power outage.

At the end of the landfill construction phase, Sensor issued a Certificate of Geomembrane Integrity and the site is now actively monitoring 24/7 using its SENSOR DDS® RMS system.

The ZERO LEAK LINER® process is successfully applied to many toxic landfills and protection is maintained 24/7.

Installation planning.

Site preparation for SENSOR DDS® FIXED installation.

Installation of SENSOR DDS® FIXED buried components.

Installation of SENSOR DDS® FIXED buried components.

SENSOR DDS® MIT testing of exposed geomembrane.

SENSOR DDS® MIT testing of exposed geomembrane.

Sensor quality control of extrusion welding.

Damage localized with SENSOR DDS® MIT Arc tester.