SENSOR DDS® leak location systems in water industry

In the water industry there is many applications for SENSOR DDS® leak detection & location systems.

Dirty / waste water applications:

  • Aerobic Lagoons
  • Anaerobic Lagoons
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Waste thickeners
  • Storm tanks

Clean water:

  • Service reservoirs / Potable Water Storage Tanks
  • Lakes / Impounding Reservoirs
  • Chemical Free Water Treatment Lagoons

Anerobic Digester in England –

General project info:

  • Industrial waste from manufacturing facility
  • Area of 200,000sqft
  • SENSOR DDS® CMS 24/7 monitoring
  • Sensor grid 16'x16'
  • 800 DDS sensors and 50 miles of cable used
  • Single lining system 100mil liner

CAL lagoons are specifically designed to generate methane and must satisfy a number of design criteria like for example:

  • stop rainfall to the lagoon
  • contain the gas so it can be collected
  • allow remove of inert sludge
  • exchange heat from the factory to maintain gas production from waste during winter months
  • Prevent leakage

At this lagoon our ZERO LEAK LINER® approach was used which means that apart from permanent leak monitoring system installation we also monitored the lagoon construction and filling consisting of:

  • SENSOR DDS® FIXED – buried DDS sensor installation in grid arrangement of 16'x16'
  • SENSOR DDS® MIT – survey of geomembrane after installation to locate any pinholes made during installation or transport of the liner
  • The geomembrane was monitored 24/7 during lagoon filling up process and during operations using SENSOR DDS® CMS

SENSOR DDS® RMS installed on site has following features:

  • Online remote connectivity
  • 24/7 geomembrane monitoring
  • Live alerts by SMS/Email
  • Full access via Sensor Cloud
  • Rapid resolution of leaks
  • Security camera
  • Weather station
  • 10″ full HD touch display
  • 12 months events list
  • Battery backup for 3 days

SENSOR DDS® CMS control touch screen

During lagoon filing process our system detected a leak and automatically triggered an alarm, informing the client about the leak in the liner. Precise location of the leak was reported to the client.

Since installation in 2012 SENSOR DDS® CMS leak detection & location system monitors the lagoon 24/7.

The ZERO LEAK LINER® approach can be applied to water reservoirs, lakes, lagoons and other industrial and non-industrial water storage ponds

Industrial lagoon before filling up.

Storm water pond tested with Arc Tester SENSOR DDS® MIT.

Storm water pond tested with Arc Tester SENSOR DDS® MIT.

Storm water pond tested with Arc Tester SENSOR DDS® MIT.